Portrait of Richard Jack by Klaus Hohnwald
Portrait of Richard Jack by Klaus Hohnwald

Richard Jack was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1949. He began his career as an artist in 1976 in South Africa, painting and sculpting which was influenced by the socio-political environment. He returned to newly independent Zimbabwe in 1981 but due to the political unrest and economic uncertainty, in 2002 he and the family moved to the UK where he now lives and continues to exhibit both locally and internationally. He has been commissioned for both private and public sculptures in Zimbabwe, UK, Denmark, and Germany.

Richard's sculptures incorporate the mediums of wood, stone and steel. His figurative works have been inspired and influenced by his life in Africa and his intuitive feelings of the times we live in. Contrasts of form, material and surface reflect the ambiguities of existence: the combination of strength and fragility, timelessness and the passage of time, the individual and the group. A recurring theme in recent years is the importance of the family, comforting and supporting one another in this rapidly changing world.

In art, Richard has found the means to express his continually changing thoughts, imaginings and memories. His work is not based on theories, rules or fashions. It is about life, light and form – balanced, tense, suspended and under pressure.

Barbara Murray